6th SS "Nord" Equipment and Uniforms Wiki

Ammo pouches are used to hold and provide easy access to the ammunition for your weapon. There are four main types of ammo pouches used by Nord.

  1. K98 Ammo Pouches
  2. Mp40 Ammo Pouches
  3. zb 26 Ammo Pouches
  4. Sturmgewehr Ammo Pouches

K98 Ammo Pouches[]

K98 ammo Pouches were used to carry ammunition for all bolt-action rifles that fired the 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser) cartridge. This would include the German Karabiner 98k, the German Gewehr 33/40(t), and the Czechoslovakian Vz.24.

Mp38/Mp40 Ammo Pouches[]

ZB 26 Ammo Pouches[]

Sturmgewehr Ammo Pouches[]